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Best Plastic Surgeons in North & Latin America Free Online Quotes is a plastic surgery community online where some of the best plastic surgeons in North and Latin America and potential clients can interact through our Q&A community and through FREE private virtual consultations.

For a private online consultation:

  • Browse our extensive database of board-certified plastic surgeons,
  • Review their profile and before and after photos,
  • Submit your FREE virtual consultation request along with your photos.
    (NOTE: Without photos, the doctor will not be able to provide an accurate quote.)
    See how to take your photos

What to Expect From a Virtual Consultation?

Within 24 hours, you will receive a free plastic surgery quote that includes:
  • Each doctor's assessment of your case,
  • Answers to your questions,
  • The estimated plastic surgery price,
  • Your payment options.
Choose the plastic surgeon that supplied the most satisfying response to your query, and request a video-conference via Skype to discuss, face-to-face, the details of your plastic surgery.

Before and After Photos and Reviews

When looking online for the best plastic surgeons, use these tools to help you choose the most qualified candidates for your case:
  • Before and After Photos After his education and credentials, before and after photos are perhaps; the most important proof of a plastic surgeon’s skill. Always be sure your physician is experienced in the procedure you desire, and that you've seen the results.
  • Reviews are a tremendous resource as you narrow your list of candidates.  Be sure to browse some of the many medical websites that offer reviews. Note: It may be harder to find reviews of plastic surgeons located outside the U.S.

Best Plastic Surgeons and Their Prices

When it comes to plastic surgery. Everyone wants the very best plastic surgeon. When searching internationally for a plastic surgeon, you may discover a wide variation in plastic surgery prices. A lower price does not automatically mean lower quality, but could simply indicate a different economic environment from the one you are in - and may be reflected in the price of all commodities and services.

Rather than initially basing your decision on price, consider first reviewing the plastic surgeon’s profile, credentials, years of experience, before and after photo gallery, and reviews. Then, factor in the differences in price between North American, Latin American, European and Asian countries.

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